Become a professional Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef, or Dessert Chef, bakes various desserts in a kitchen within a restaurant or bakery. Their main duties include following recipes to create pastries, cookies and other baked goods, developing new and unique recipes to feature on the menu and keeping stock of the kitchen's inventory.


Instructors: Unais

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Why this course?


We promise to deliver unlimited lessons and transform yourself into master of skills.Through our video assignments the instructors would guide you to rectify your mistakes and carve your path to pursue your career in passion.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Baking
Basic class Part 1- Sponge baking
Basic sponge baking (35:00)
Sponge baking assignment
Sponge Icing
Sponge icing (30:00) Preview
Sponge Icing assignment
Cake Designing (white forest)
Cake designing ( white forest) (142:00)
Cake designing ( white forest) Assignment
Basic class Part 2- Filling
Basic class 3-Whipping process
Basic class-Part 4-Cream icing
Cake Topping
Truffle making
Jelly design
Cream Piping
Chocolate Garnishing
Flower decoration
Cake shaping
Doll cake
Cartoon cakes
Animal cakes
Flower cake
Toy cakes
sports cake
Theme cake
Wedding theme
Sports theme
Jungle theme
Girl's theme
Boy's theme
Cake table setting
Cake sickle
Mousse cup
Oreo stick
Hand made chocolate
Dark chocolate
White chocolate
Milk chocolate
Choco mango
Milky nut
Filling chocolates
Tutti chocolate
Crunchy mango
Dark chopper
Royal icing
Cookies making
Royal icing topping
Dry cakes
Cheese cake

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