Bharatanatyam, also previously called Sadhir Attam, is a major form of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu. It has flourished in the temples and courts of southern India since ancient times.

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Instructors: DR JOLLY MATHEW

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Bharatanatyam
Intro (1:00)
What is Bharatanatayam
What is Bharatanatyam (5:00)
Thathwamasi (1:00)
Different types of Slokas
Ganapathi Slokam
Ganapathi slokam (2:00)
Ganapathi Slokam Assignment
Dhyana Slokam
dyana slokam (3:00)
Dhyana Slokam Assignment
Guruvandanam Slokam
Guruvandhanam (1:00)
Guruvandanam Slokam Assignment
Saraswathi Slokam
Saraswathi slokam (5:00)
Saraswathi Slokam Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical)
Thattadavu (Practical) One
Aramandalam (5:00)
Aramandalam (Practical) One Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) One
Thattadav 1 (64:00)
Thattadav 1 assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) Two
Thattadav Two (59:00)
Thattadavu (Practical) Two Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) Three
Thattadav 3 practical (95:00)
Thattadavu (Practical) Three Assignment
Thattadavu 4 (Practical)
Thattadavu (Practical) Four (63:00) Preview
Thattadavu (Practical) Four Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) Five
Thattadavu (Practical) Five (104:00)
Thattadavu (Practical) Five Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) Six
Thattadavu (Practical) Six (137:00)
Thattadavu (Practical) Six Assignment
Thattadavu (Practical) Seven
Thattadav 7 Practical (127:00)
Thattadavu (Practical) Seven Assignment
Nattadavu Practical
Nattadavu (Practical) mudra
Nattadavu (Practical) mudra (92:00)
Nattadavu (Practical) mudra Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) one
Nattadavu (Practical) One (129:00)
Nattadavu (Practical) One Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Two
Nattadavu (practical) two (155:00)
Nattadavu (Practical) Two Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Three
Nattadavu (Practical) three (123:00)
Nattadavu (Practical) Three Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Four
Nattadav (Practical) four (122:00)
Nattadavu (Practical) Four Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Five
Nattadavu (Practical) Five Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Six
Nattadavu (Practical) Six Assignment
Nattadavu (Practical) Seven
Nattadavu (Practical) Seven Assignment
Mudra (Practical)
Mudra One
Mudra One Assignment
Mudra Two
Mudra Two Assignment
Mudra Three
Mudra Three Assignment
Mudra Four
Mudra Four Assignment
Mudra Five
Mudra Five Assignment
Mudra Six
Mudra Six Assignment
Mudra Seven
Mudra Seven Assignment
Mudra Eight
Mudra Eight Assignment
Mudra Nine
Mudra Nine Assignment
Mudra Ten
Mudra Ten Assignment
Mudra Eleven
Mudra Eleven Assignment
Mudra Twelve
Mudra Twelve Assignment
Mudra Thirteen
Mudra Thirteen Assignment
Mudra Fourteen
Mudra Fourteen Assignment
Mudra Fifteen
Mudra Fifteen Assignment
Mudra Sixteen
Mudra Sixteen Assignment
Mardhitha Adavu (Practical)
Mardhitha Adavu One
Mardhitha Adavu One Assignment
Mardhitha Adavu Two
Mardhitha Adavu Two Assignment
Mardhitha Adavu Three
Mardhitha Adavu Three Assignment
Mardhitha Adavu Four
Mardhitha Adavu four Assignment
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical)
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) One
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) One Assignment
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Two
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Two Assignment
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Three
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Three Assignment
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Four
Kuthith Mettadavu (Practical) Four Assignment

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