Drawing & Painting

Painting, the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a two-dimensional visual language. The elements of this language—its shapes, lines, colours, tones, and textures—are used in various ways to produce sensations of volume, space, movement, and light on a flat surface.


Instructors: ARYA

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Course Curriculum

Drawing and Painting live class 43
Introduction to Painting
Introduction to Painting (21:00)
Basic lines of Pencil Drawing
Basic lines of Pencil Drawing (5:00)
Basic lines of Pencil Drawing Assignment
Sketching with Pen
Sketching with pen (4:00)
Sketching with pen assignment
Pen & Water Color
Pen and water colour (9:00)
Pen and water colour assignment
Water Color sketching without Pen & Pencil
Water Color sketching without Pen and Pencil (6:00)
Water Color Mixing
Water Colour Mixing (284:00)
Crayon Painting
Mango Crayons
Mango crayons (469:00)
Mango crayons assignment
Tree Crayons
Tree Crayons Assignment (404:00)
Tree crayons Assignment
Flower Pot Crayons
Flower Pot Crayons (97:00)
Flower Pot Crayons Assignment
Sunset Crayons
Sunset crayons (635:00) Preview
Sunset Crayons Assignment
Boat Crayons
Boat crayons (317:00) Preview
Boat Crayons Assignment
Introduction to watercolour
Water colour 1
Water colour introduction (15:00)
Water colour assignment
Moonlight Painting
Moonlight Painting (15:00)
Moonlight Painting Assignment
White Flower Painting
White flower Painting (15:00)
White Flower assignment
Grapes Painting
Grapes Painting (15:00)
Grapes Painting Assignment
Nest Painting
Nest Water Colour Painting (14:00)
Nest Painting Assignment
Coconut Tree Painting
Coconut Tree Painting (15:00)
Coconut Tree painting Assignment
Mud House Painting
13.Mud House (5:00)
Mud House Assignment
Balloons Painting
Balloons Painting (15:00)
Balloons Painting Assignment
Pencil Drawing
Types Of Pencils
Types of pencils (1:00)
Pencil Shading
Pencil Shading (14:00)
Pencil Shading Assignment
Grass Pencil Shading
Grass Pencil Shading (15:00)
Grass Pencil Shading Assignment
Tree Shading
Tree shading (14:00)
Tree Shading Assignment
Perspective Drawing
Perspective (10:00)
Grapes pencil Drawing
Grapes Pencil Drawing (10:00)
Grapes pencil drawing Assignment
Rabbit drawing
Rabbit drawing (10:00)
Rabbit Pencil Shading
Rabbit shading (15:00)
Rabbit Shading Assignment
Bird Drawing
Bird drawing (9:00)
Bird Drawing Assignment
Lotus Drawing
Lotus pencil Drawing (10:00)
Lotus Coloring
Lotus coloring (14:00)
Lotus Coloring Assignment
Hut Pencil Drawing
Hut Pencil Drawing (14:00)
Hut coloring
Hut coloring (10:00)
Hut Coloring Assignment
Duck Pencil Drawing
Duck pencil drawing (10:00)
Duck Coloring
Duck coloring (15:00)
Duck Coloring Assignment
Butterfly drawing
Butterfly pencil Drawing (9:00)
Butterfly Drawing Coloring
Butterfly coloring (14:00)
Butterfly Coloring Assignment
Parrot Pencil Drawing
Parrot pencil Drawing (14:00)
Parrot coloring
Parrot coloring (14:00)
Parrot Coloring Assignment
Alphabet A (15:00)
Alphabet A assignment
Alphabet B (2:00)
Alphabet B assignment
Alphabet C (16:00)
Alphabet C assignment
Alphabet E (17:00)
Alphabet E assignment
Alphabet F (18:00)
Alphabet F assignment
Alphabet I (18:00)
Alphabet I assignment
Alphabet H (16:00)
Alphabet H assignment
Alphabet J (17:00)
Alphabet J assignment
Alphabet L (14:00)
Alphabet L assignment
Alphabet K (16:00)
Alphabet K assignment
Oil Painting
Moonlight drawing
Moonlight (18:00)
Moonlight Painting Assignment
Fruit basket pencil drawing & painting
Fruit basket pencil (17:00)
Fruit basket pencil assignment
Fruit basket Colour (14:00)
Fruit basket pencil assignment
Bird with nest pencil drawing
Bird with nest pencil (15:00)
Bird with nest pencil assignment
Nature pencil drawing & painting
Nature pencil (18:00)
Nature pencil assignment
Nature colour (17:00)
Nature colour assignment
Tomato pencil drawing & painting
Tomato pencil (19:00)
Tomato pencil assignment
Tomato colour (4:00)
Tomato colour assignment
Water fall pencil drawing & painting
Water fall pencil (15:00)
Water fall pencil drawing assignment
Water fall colour (15:00)
Water fall colour assignment
Sunflower pencil drawing & painting
Sunflower pencil (16:00)
Sunflower pencil drawing assignment
Sunflower colour (17:00)
Sunflower colour assignment
Sunflower colour (14:00)
Sunflower colour assignment
Banana pencil drawing & painting
Banana Pencil (14:00)
Banana Pencil drawing assignment
Banana colour (16:00)
Banana colour assignment
Carrot pencil drawing & painting
Carrot pencil (17:00)
Carrot pencil drawing assignment
carrot colour (15:00)
Carrot colour assignment
Vase pencil drawing & painting
vase pencil (15:00)
vase pencil drawing assignment
vase colour (16:00)
vase colour assignment
Nest with eggs pencil drawing & painting
nest with eggs pencil (15:00)
nest with eggs pencil assignment
nest with eggs colour (15:00)
nest with eggs colour assignment
Bottle pencil drawing & painting
Bottle pencil (17:00)
Bottle pencil drawing assignment
bottle colour (17:00)
bottle colour assignment
Nature drawing colour 2
Nature drawing w o colour 2 (16:00)
Nature drawing w o colour 2 assignment
Nature drawing 2 (18:00)
Nature drawing 2 assignment
Duck water colour
Duck colour (15:00)
Landscape pencil drawing & painting
Landscape pencil (17:00)
Landscape pencil assignment
Landscape colour (14:00)
Landscape colour assignment
Clown fish pencil drawing & painting
Clown fish pencil (17:00)
Clown fish pencil drawing assignment
Clown fish colour (15:00)
Clown fish colour assignment
Drawing live 31
Peacock drawing and painting
Peacock drawing (14:00)
Peacock drawing assignment
Peacock colour (17:00)
Peacock colour assignment
Hen drawing and painting
Hen drawing (16:00)
Hen drawing assignment
Hen colour (18:00)
Hen colour assignment
Numbers drawing
Number 1 drawing (14:00)
Number 1 drawing assignment
Number_3 drawing (14:00)
Number 3 drawing assignment
Number_4 drawing (16:00)
Number_4 drawing assignment
Number_5 drawing (14:00)
Number_5 drawing assignment
Number_6 drawing (14:00)
Number_6 drawing assignment
Number_7 drawing (14:00)
Number_7 drawing assignment
Number_8 drawing (14:00)
Number_8 drawing assignment
Number_9 drawing (14:00)
Number_9 drawing assignment
Number_10 drawing (16:00)
Number_10 drawing assignment

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